Pinterest Pro Tip: Board Cover Image Size

Pinterest Pro Tip: Board Cover Image Size

What is the best size for my Pinterest cover image?

Pinterest is arguably the most visual medium of all the social networks. With the possible exception of Instagram (where all you really need to is snap a good picture) Pinterest requires some 'production' to make a real splash. That splash starts with your Board Cover Photo Graphics.

By default Pinterest will just select whatever the first image you pin as your cover. This is fine to just get your board started by once you have a few pins on a specific board having a nice cover image that ties everything together & highlights your board theme is a really good idea.

While vertical pins reign supreme on Pinterest, shorter rectangular graphics are your friend for cover images. The optimal size PinPals has found for board cover banners is 434 x 294. This size give plenty of room for nice image, a company logo, & title of the board. It's also a retina optimized image size & fits perfectly in the space Pinterest provides for your cover image. As the design guide below states though, be mindful that while filling the space is important… make sure to keep the left corner free of any important text as it will covered by stats regarding that board to Pinterest visitors.

(Feel free to save this image a free Pinterest Cover Image Template)

Pin Pals Pinterest Board Cover Image Guide

Our experience with Pinterest finds that it's just best to design a board cover graphic from scratch that captures the essence of your board. (PinPals can do this for you!). A nice bold image that includes you logo is the way to go if you have a business account. Some text is fine is too if you have room, just make sure your graphic is optimized & not too cluttered. Here are some examples cover images we've made.


As you can see, icons, logos, & clear text can really make a huge difference to how your Pinterest Business account board covers look. Remember, content is king on Pinterest & your board images not serve as the visual gateway to that board, but also may be saved or shared by others so make sure they look great, link to a relevant page, & have a good description.

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